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Sustainable Rural Energy Network (SREN)

Mission statement of SREN

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The FAO Regional Office for Europe has been supporting research cooperation and information exchange in Europe through the European System of Cooperative Research Networks in Agriculture (ESCORENA) since 1974, and in the field of alternative energy applications since 1983. Its activities have been mainly geared to network a considerable number of researchers from both western and eastern Europe.

Each of the 20 ESCORENA networks is organized around a few well-defined subjects. Thus, usually a network comprises several specialized working groups (WGs). Environmental concerns figure strongly in the networks on Pastures and Fodder Crops, Sheep and Goat Research, Animal Waste Management, Trace Elements, Natural Antioxidants and Contaminants in Foods and Diets and the Sustainable Rural Environment and Energy Network (SREN).

The SREN network fosters the knowledge exchange on the sustainable use of energy in rural areas. Accordingly, the network focuses on farms and villages, on renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Moreover this is not about large scale but about small to medium sized farms and decentralised production.

To this end you find here provided:

  1. information about events such as conferences, exhibitions
  2. links to other related websites
  3. links to useful videos and photographs
  4. case studies on the successful implementation of renewable energy production of energy saving
  5. a forum
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